4S + 8″ Props + Silicone Gel (Raw)

This is the first tests of running on 4S batteries with an 8″ props. Flying at home. Also testing the Smoothing Gel for toes, found at the Dollar Store, to try and reduce the vibrations in the videos.

New SD Card & Exploding Prop (Raw)

Trying out a Class 10 16G SD Card to see if it will improve the video quality of fast moving scenes. Line of sight (LOS) flight. Yet another exploding 10″ prop. Grrr…

FPV Trial & Crash (Raw)

Another raw footage of FPV Trial with the TBS Discovery Quadcopter. Mega toilet bowl effect with the GPS pointing straight forward. After the post-mortem analysis of the crash, it was discovered that I lost a prop adapter during flight. The only damage was the GPS pole and the receiver antenna connector. Changed the pole with a wooden shish kabob stick and pushed the connector back in place and tie-wrapped it. Ready to go again. Total cost of repair : roughly 0.01$

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