Blog writing is not easy at first

Dear follower,

I’m just starting this blog writing adventure and I find it a little difficult to sit down and write about something, anything, that may be of interest to you, the reader.

Blog writing can be difficult at first

I’m not a writer by default. Trying to become one takes a lot of effort and dedication. I feel that I have to find a subject that can interest the public. It’s actually quite difficult at first. I guess that, with practice, it will become easier. I certainly hope so! I think I should simply start to write about what I think is interesting to me.

The problem with this is that there are way too many things that are interesting to me. I just can’t seem to just choose one subject to write about. When I think of what to write, I get way too many ideas and it gives me writer’s block. To me, it seems that too many ideas are just like no ideas at all.

What period of the day is better to write?

I’m still struggling to find the best time for me to be effective in creative blog writing. I tried in the evening. I find that my brain is just too tired at that point to come up with interesting subjects, sentences, and basic ideas. The different times I tried to write in the evening, I was not able to complete the post I started and simply dropped it altogether.

I tried in the afternoon. It was a little better. I could find an interesting subject. I was able to write a few paragraphs. However, I had difficulties staying focused for a length of time. Too many disruptions in my brain. Too many different business tasks, needing to get done, were rolling around in my head. It makes concentrating on the blog writing task at hand a little difficult.

I finally started early in the morning, before my previously planned morning business tasks. It’s still not quite easy to get started, but it seems the best time of the day for me, so far. 

What to write about?

Great question! I can write about anything that I find interesting! Problem is, I find a whole lot of things interesting. So, what to write about? I guess I will tell you about my passions. These days, my business startup is my greatest passion. It consumes most of my time. My other true passion is paramotoring. However, the weather these days is simply not favorable to go fly. Either it is much too cold (-20°C and below), or much too windy (40km/h or more), or snowing too heavily. Other passions include photography, videography, playing music, flying remote-controlled models, flying FPV (First Person View) and many others.

I started to write about my business adventure. There are many aspects of it that I can share with you, like the online store setup, the marketing, the product search and selection process, the shipping aspects and so many other subjects. Are you interested? Should I continue in this direction?

What do you think?

Let me know what you think in the comments. If you don’t see the comment box, simply click on the title of the post to open it up on its own page. There, you will be able to leave me your comments. Let me know which one of my passions you would most like to read about. It will help me choose which direction this blog should take to better suit my audience. 

Please share this post if it has helped you in some way, if it resonated with you and/or if you found value in it.

Thank you and have a great day!


Clear Skies!

Gilles Ranger


  • Said H.

    Very interesting introspection Gilles! Well written too!
    I don’t think you should stress about the writing, like many other things it’s a habits that fosters with pratice, it will eventually become easy for you.
    As for the topics, you should take the agile business approach and ask your audiance what they want to read about. In my case, as a newbie (I haven’t started my paramotor training yet), I would love to read informative stuff and advices (how it works, regulations, tips, how to choose the equipement based your size…).
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Said H. for your comment! Much appreciated! Practice will definitely help in the long run! That’s why I start on my personal blog before adding the business side of blogging. Thank you for sharing the types of topics that interest you. It does help me to steer into some sort of direction, especially since i’m presently heading everywhere at once lol.
      Keep up the constructive criticism!

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