What kind of business?

What to write about today? Hmmm… Good question! How about a post about what kind of business I chose to start? There are many possibilities to choose from. All the different types of businesses have different advantages and inconveniences, depending on how you look at them. What are the advantages of the type of business model I chose to start with? Let’s have a look at them in a little more detail in this post.

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Blog writing is not easy at first

Blog writing is not as simple as it first seems, especially for me. I’m not yet a very good writer. It will take time, patience and perseverance to get better at it. I found that it is better to just jump in and do it online than to do it offline and wait to be good at it before posting it online. Check out the complete post for more information.

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ParAddix Online ParaStore on Shopify

Hi! How are you today? I’m great today! Things are moving along nicely. What things? My ParAddix Online ParaStore! Where is it? It’s on Shopify.ca. Where is my ParAddix Online ParaStore? On Shopify After surfing the web for Canadian online store type of plateform, I found Shopify.ca. I then proceeded to read reviews, comments, testimonies… a lot of them. I checked […]

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